Facilities Available In The Premises


There are twenty six 2-room blocks, four 3-room blocks and twenty single room blocks to accommodate the visiting devotees who worship Shree Mahalasa as their family deity.  All the 2-room and 3-room blocks and so also six single room blocks are with attached bath and toilet.  Hot water is made available for some restricted hours in the morning only.  Apart from usual linen and bedding in the rooms, additional mattresses, linen, pillows, etc. are supplied at nominal charges.


The Saunsthan has three Archakas to perform religious services on behalf of the devotees.  One of them is Gowd Saraswat Community, another for all other Brahmins and the third for all other people.


The Saunsthan has its administrative office within the premises to attend the devotees.


The Saunsthan has its own counter in the temple to enable the devotees to book their services.  There is also a sale counter of photos, and various other items as are ordinarily demanded by the devotees.


The Saunsthan has in all four halls which, when not required for any functions of the Saunsthan, are rented out to the public for celebration of marriage, thread ceremony, etc.  One of the halls named as Shree Mahalasa Hall has a seating capacity with chairs for 500 persons.  The other hall with equal seating capacity and known as Shree Sinha Purush Hall is at about 50 mtrs. away from the main temple.  The two smaller halls viz. Shree Santeri Hall with seating capacity of 100 persons and Kalyan Mandap with seating capacity of about 150 persons, are within the temple premises.  Three halls excluding Shree Santeri Hall have attached cooking sections.  Cooking vessels of various types and sizes, so also steel plates, pails, etc. are available for nominal rentals.

The current rates are as follows:

For Shree Mahalasa Hall (500 Capacity):
For Shree Santeri Hall (100 Capacity):
For Kalyan Mandap (150 Capacity)
For Sinha Purush Hall (600 Capacity):
For Rooms in Agrashala: